Four Weeks To Become a Freelance Writer


An intensive, four-week course to take you from the beginning of your career to making a profit from writing.


Have you…

Always wanted to become a writer?

Dreamed about seeing your name in print?

Told yourself you’re going to start getting serious about writing, but then didn’t really know how to do that?

Maybe you’re overwhelmed with little kids at home, maybe you don’t really know where to begin to become a published writer, or maybe you’re just simply tired (same), but I promise you, anyone can become a writer and get paid for their words.

Freelance writing is a unique career because it means you’re the boss. But think about that for a second — it also means you’re the boss. As in, no one else but you is going to sit your butt to the chair and make it happen. That can be incredibly freeing but also incredibly hard. Anyone can become a writer, but very few people actually do because it takes a certain person who’s willing to put in the hard work necessary to succeed.

I know that when I first became a writer, all it took was one person taking my hand and giving me that teeny, tiny shove in the right direction that I needed for me to realize that I could do this. After that, the doors were opened to me and every year brought new writing opportunities and growth until I was successfully able to run a six-figure business, all from home, with four little kids.

I know that sounds slightly spammy, but it’s the truth. No wraps, oils, or leggings included. Just me, a lot of coffee (like, seriously, a lot of coffee), and my computer.

Today, I write for sites like Babble and and I even reached my dream goal of getting published on The New York Times and The Washington Post. I’m making more money as a writer than I ever would have as a full-time nurse. To help share everything I’ve learned, I’m once again opening up my writing class to an on-going intensive course to take you from wherever you’re at right now to a real, published writer in only four weeks.

My class will feature:

  • A complete breakdown of how I went from making a $0 yearly income as a writer to a full-time income.
  • All of my organizational strategies + tools to making working from home with kids possible. (I’ve done it with four kids all at home full-time with me!)
  • How to get ideas for articles and submit to editors.
  • Where to find paid writing jobs.
  • How to establish yourself as an expert in your field and land regular writing gigs.
  • INSIDER information from my experience as a magazine editor—it’s a different world on the other side, my friends, and I’ve learned a ton of valuable information for freelancers on the other side of the screen.
  • An overview on tax tips and rules.
  • Basically, EVERYTHING I’ve learned over the past six years as a freelancer.
  • How to track your work and follow up with editors.

Course Format: 

Our class will be limited to ten students, so we can all interact with each other. Each week, you will receive a lesson from me with the opportunity to “meet” as a class online at the end of the week. You will submit all homework to me for feedback, so I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I focus specifically on starting a writing career if you’re in the trenches as a mom — the little stages of nights with newborns and toddlers and diaper blowouts and never having a free hand because that’s the life I know and in a lot of ways, it’s a great season in our life to carve out new careers. Plus, kids say the darnedest things that make great article fodder, you guys.

Course Start Date: January 1, 2018

Class will begin in the new year, just in time for you to start the year with a new career!

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My own writing career started with a class offered by Meagan Francis — her class honestly changed my life, so please congratulate yourself on taking this important step towards your career!

What students are saying:

“I just got a weekly paid writing job – it’s not huge, but it’s every week, “above the fold” – an article or interview for the weekly parenting page with my local newspaper. I’m so excited – and completely convinced that Chaunie is magic, because once I set my goals (to make steady money from writing, continued exposure to build my “platform” and to start really taking writing seriously) – it started happening!”–Melissa Cohen 

“I recommend this class [and] Chaunie is so open about the writing world (which was a mystery to me before) and willing to help in any way she can.”–Kristel Acevedo (who became a writer at Disney Baby after the class and now contributes to and Babble!)
“Thanks to Chaunie’s writing class, I was able to learn the “tricks of the trade” in writing at my own pace. As a busy mama of 3, it can be hard to find a class so full of information that can actually apply to my life and to my blog. This class not only gave helpful video lessons and power point notes, but also the ability to have a professional relationship with other writers in the class Facebook group, and great one on one feedback from Chaunie herself. I’m so excited to apply everything that I have learned and to set my goals higher than I could have ever dreamed!” – Jess Elaine
Ready to do this? Let’s get started.