8 Easy Steps To Writing a Book Proposal


If you’re looking for guidance in writing a book proposal, my class breaks down the process of writing a non-fiction book proposal into eight easy steps, complete with fill-in templates to get you started!


Do you have an idea for a non-fiction book? Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the process of taking it to publication? I know how you feel.

When I first started with the idea for my book, I had no idea where to start—between working, having a (third)baby, and trying to start a career as a writer, my book proposal took me almost two years to write! My goal is to simplify the process for you by breaking down the book proposal process into eight manageable steps.

Who this class is for: Anyone who is ready to write a non-fiction book!

What you’ll get: 8 steps to a finished book proposal that’s ready to send out to agents.

How you’ll get there: Online modules that you can finish at your own pace, with lots of guidance from me along the way.

And who the heck am I? Oh, yeah, that. I’m a writer who has been published with places like The New York Times and The Washington Post and my first book was published in 2014 with the traditional publisher Ave Maria Press. I may not be a NYT Bestselling Author yet, but I was able to land a book deal and reach my dream of becoming a published author. And little secret? It was easier than you would think. Which is why I want to share what I learned with you!

What you get from this class: You will receive in-depth lessons on every aspect of writing a non-fiction book proposal, including:

  • Book Overview.
  • Platform & About the Author
  • Marketing—Your Audience & Promotion
  • Analysis of the Competition
  • Table of Contents & Chapter Outlines
  • Sample Chapters, Agents, & Publishers
  • The Query Letter & Writers’ Conferences

I will provide you with the entire class, including my book proposal format, so you can literally fill in the blanks to create your own book proposal masterpiece. Complete your book proposal at your own pace, in your own time with all of the inside tips and lessons you need to succeed. 

What People Are Saying About My Class

“To say I “liked” Chaunie’s book proposal class would be a complete understatement! I loved it!!! Chaunie is so encouraging and easy to work with. She provided clear instructions as well as wonderful examples to follow and broke the lessons up into easy, non-intimidating pieces. I am so happy with the proposal draft that I have and I feel like my dream of becoming an author is soon to be realized because of the guidance Chaunie provided through her class!”



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